Developing Consultancy Behaviours:
Structured observational feedback (video, facilitator, workshop peers).

Reinforcing Changes Needed:
Continual practice in consulting role business scenarios (e.g. facilitating groups to achieve outcomes, gathering data and presenting strategies, dealing with difficult discussions).

Senior Management Buy-in:
Options include senior managers to endorse solution, participate in business scenarios and give feedback on final personal development action plans.

Developing Internal Consulting Skills

Developing Internal Consulting Skills
“The training workshops were exceptionally well-organised and delivered with incredible professionalism and enthusiasm.”
-– Julian Momen, Finance Director General Mills


Workshops and/or 1:1 coaching interventions.

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Building & sustaining strong internal customer and supplier relationships.

Building professional credibility and trust with internal customers.

Enhancing how you direct, guide and coach.

Collaborating with internal customers to come up with joint solutions.

Encouraging internal customer ownership and commitment by facilitating and coaching

Quickly building rapport and connection.