Developing Leadership Action Plans:
Based on addressing the gap between your desired leadership brand and how your brand is currently perceived.

Feedback Based:
Self-analysis, 360 business feedback, peer and facilitator feedback.

Best Practice Leadership:
Assessment of strengths and areas of development against well proven leadership models, theories , strategies and communication techniques.

Sustaining Changes Needed:
Creation of support and challenge groups during workshops to provide an on-going support mechanism to sustain development.

Building Your Leadership Brand

Your Leadership Brand
“Chris has worked with us for over 10 years and has become one of our most valued Learning and Development partners. She is someone that we can rely upon to deliver practical content pitched at a wide range of delegate levels from technical/ admin entry to senior manager and always in a timely fashion.”
-- Sarah Nutbrown, UK Head of Learning in Agribusiness


Workshops and/or 1:1 coaching interventions.

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Adapting your behaviours to match your Brand.

Influencing others to get buy-in and commitment.

Enhancing how you direct, guide and coach.

Developing agility and flexibility in your leadership style.

Confidently addressing team issues and dealing with difficult discussions.

Balancing the needs of achieving tasks, building a team and managing individuals.